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Introducing the StylusTrio

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Puzzle Pens

This unique erasable, retractable and refillable pen writes more vividly than a pencil and erases more easily and cleanly. Whether you do word or number puzzles, the Puzzle Pen will help you have more fun and success.

The Puzzle Pen is perfect for Crossword Puzzles, Sudoku, Word Search, Ken Ken, Cryptogram, Kakuro and any game or puzzle you can do on paper.

The puzzle pen has many other uses: shopping lists, homework, thank you notes, birthday cards, etc. No more embarrasing crossouts for all the important occasions that require writing in ink.

free-puzzle.jpgClick here to try one of our innovative new puzzles for free. Our online puzzles contain unique Second Chance Clues™ that make doing puzzles even more fun. You can also download a PDF of the puzzle and do it by hand with one of our erasable Puzzle Pens.


I love the puzzle pen because it's erasable for when I make mistakes and when I do erase with it, it does not tear the paper and it totally erases the word. I have never liked doing Xword puzzles in pencil.

I'm not an expert at Xword puzzles but I've always liked to do them in pen.  I never use pencil for anything.  I highly recommend this item. In fact, I purchased an extra one just to have on hand.

– Karen Kordonowy

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