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Crossword Puzzle Packs

This is the answer for those crossword lovers who haven't been able to get enough well-constructed and satisfying puzzles. And if you are traveling, waiting in a doctor's office or like to do your puzzles in bed, the Puzzle Pack is perfect for you.

The 5" x 7" reinforced vinyl cover, which doubles as a writing surface, holds 40 new and lively puzzles (with solutions) as well as the erasable ink Puzzle Pen.


free-puzzle.jpgClick here to try one of our innovative new puzzles for free. Our online puzzles contain unique Second Chance Clues™ that make doing puzzles even more fun. You can also download a PDF of the puzzle and do it by hand with one of our erasable Puzzle Pens.


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  • Crossword Puzzle Pack
    $16.95 Crossword Puzzle Pack
    The Crossword Puzzle Pack includes a vinyl cover, an erasable ink Puzzle Pen and 40 crossword puzzles at all levels of difficulty (20 Novice, 12 Intermediate and 8 Advanced) Each pack will be different when multiple...

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