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Like most puzzlers, I began solving with a pencil but soon gravitated to a pen. But my not-always-correct entries drove me to develop the Puzzle Pen – an erasable ink pen that writes clearly and erases cleanly, even on newsprint. And to make it even better, we made it retractable and refillable.

Please peruse our website and discover the other exciting products we have developed for puzzle solvers.  Our Puzzle Packs provide you with fresh, well-constructed puzzles on all levels, a Puzzle Pen, and a compact vinyl carrying case that doubles as a writing surface.
Refills for our Crossword, Sudoku and Word Search Puzzle Packs are released monthly and are available at all levels of challenge.

All of our crossword puzzles are constructed by top crossword authors and are edited by Amy Reynaldo, a champion puzzle solver and noted crossword critic.

Thanks so much for trying our products.

Bernard Rome
The Rome Group, LLC

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